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#137   2018-03-01HuciituroDrusaEmail
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#136   2018-02-18Rodneyfef
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#135   2018-02-17ThomasDet
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#134   2018-02-16Stephenpeaby
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#133   2018-02-13AngeloDic
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#60   2016-07-14Pascual Bort del Rio
Hi Art

We have already changed another time where I can send a file with crown caps of Spain


Pascual Bort
#59   2015-11-27AntonyEmail
I m from France do you want to make change?

I have the full euro caps and some others beers

Hope to read you soon
#58   2015-11-20Devel Devloresa
Great collection, I like ti so much!
#52   2014-10-19giuseppeEmail
good morning at all fellow friends collectors, my name is giuseppe from italy, Ican offer beer caps in exchange I collect beer coasters, you can contact me withouth a problem at
thank you so much and have you a nice collection!!
#47   2014-05-21eloy herrero zaragoza   http://eloyherrero.conaco.orgEmail
I'm new collection cap crown
intercanvio do you want with me
a greeting
#46   2014-04-18Pascual BortEmail
Hi Art

thank you very much for the crown caps up to a next

#45   2013-09-24Brian & FlemmingEmail
I would like to put Joaquim Pera on the blacklist. We have now sent him caps twice in 2007 and tried to contact him on email in 2009, 2010 and 2013! See the other comments below, and please stop this now!
#41   2013-05-18Ravenof

A little message to say thank you about canaco. Moreover, your own website is a reference for me!

#34   2012-07-23Leif Larsen Email
NORWAY > JULEBRUS = no beer, It is a christmas sodawater with taste of different fruits and berries.
Only the cap with large letters LB is brewed by Aass, Drammen.
Other caps with LB is from Lundetangens Brewery in Skien.
Thank you, Leif! I will fix it today.
#32   2012-05-12Mircea Ivanov   http:// May62012CROWNCAPSROMANIA

#31   2012-05-09Brian Willum PetersenEmail
Joaquim Pera does not answer any of the mails I have sent. I cannot get in contact with him. How can my brother and I be removed from the blacklist?

Kindly: Brian.
#30   2012-05-08Mircea Ivanov   http://
offer romania 159/May62012CROWNCAPSROMANIA
#28   2012-03-07Pascual Bort del RioEmail
My name is Pascual Bort
I have sent you a crown caps to your home.
Not if you have arrived.
If you have arrived please anunciamelo.
#27   2012-03-04MonikaEmail
I am from Slovenia, collect corks and beer mats.
#24   2011-11-21TautvydasEmail
Would like to trade by scans or blind (30 X 30) with other collectors from Europe.
I am from Lithuania
#23   2011-11-13metzger albert L-8460 EischenEmail
change crowncaps from beer,champagne,softdrinks milk
#18   2011-02-01tom balibagEmail
great site!!! i enjoy looking at all the crown caps i could see. i also collect beer crown caps and beer coasters. im tom balibag from the philippines. anybody interested on philippine crown/plastic caps?
#16   2010-07-05Jorge TorrescanoEmail
I've got the Sam Adams Awards cap: "International #29 New Zealand GOLD 2001 Award Winner"
I'm from Mexico, I was wondering if there's anyone interested in it.
I'm interesting in Mexican caps! Please contact me by email: art_zhitnik(a)
#14   2010-02-08metzger albert L-8460 EischenEmail
Trade Crowncaps from beer,champagne,softdrinks,mineralwater all over the world. Send me Caps and i return caps.
Albert Metzger,50,rue de Clairefontaine
L-8460 Eischen /Luxembourg
#13   2009-12-09besegher jacky   http://jackbe93.canago.orgEmail
la Reunion is not a country but a french departement like martinique and guadeloupe.
best regards
I'm using ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 standard for make my own countries list. This standard is also includes dependent territories. So, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Reunion are dependent territories... Thanks for your help!