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In the early versions this operation was more complicated. I was using many other programs to get good pictures (Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint...).Today it's more simple!

Well, let's get ready to rambo! Use great tool of Caps Navigator: "Actions/Batch entering". This thing is created to make the number of cap scans from the one common scan. You could get the scan from the file of directly from the scanner (my scanning advises are in the next article).

Move the mouse cursor to the center of a cap and click it.

You cannot put caps on the scanner glass absolutely perfectly. But you can correct the picture using Image editor, wich let to move and rotate the picture. The original idea of this tool belongs to German collector Michael Demuth, the author of the program Scan_KK. Thanks Michael! So, we need to move our picture top and left by several pixels and rotate it by several degrees. Here is a result:

Special lines help to make a perferct allignment. Press to button "New cap", Image editor will be closed and we will be able to capture new cap. You could see all new caps using Enhanced search. You have to set the following condition: "Created=Today".

That's it! We have just used Caps Navigator and nothing more.

You could also use other usefull feature: defauld values. For example, I have to create several caps with the same field Collector. Create first cap by Batch entering, open Caps editor, select collector (for example John Smith) and set him as default. All next entering caps will have "Collector=John Smith".

Created: , Modified: 2009-06-19