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I can now make my own home brewery, because I have the super device!

Like a child, finally got a toy, which had long dreamed of, I unpacked the parcel from the States in feast anticipation))) For sufficiently small money I've got  the device for bottle closure produced by Everedy BottleCapper Co. It's a real exhibits for the museum of packaging in excellent condition.

There is some text on the left side: "Pat'd Oct.19.1920 Everedy Trade mark №3".

On the right side: "Mfcd by The Everedy BottleCapper Co. Frederick Maryland USA". 

Patented 19th of October 1920 (I will try to find this patent in future)! It's hard to identify the precise year of origin, but I think it's 1920-th... That is really cool! I even don't have such old caps in the collection.

The basic part is provided with teeth that enable if you want to close the bottle of any height.

The mat for bottle is made of rubber.

The base is made of wood. I wanted to make restoration, clean rust and wood, paint ... But suddenly this idea was abandoned because the device looks cool enough!

The firs thing I did, was testing the capper. The unused cap had been wringed out without any problems! The quality of packing is like in a factory.

Is very simple how it works. At a round piece of rubber placed a bottle. The handle is transferred to the crane upper position in which it freely walks the base part vertically. Thus you can easily customize the height of the bottle... So, after unused cap placed on the bottle, it getting wringed out by pushing the handle down. The concept is simple!

Great respect to Alexander Kolomoets for the seller contacts!

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