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Badaevskiy Brewery (Calendar)20/31
Badaevskiy Brewery, 30k - ** (Calendar)10/31
Badaevskiy Brewery, 30k - oo (Calendar)11/31
Badaevskiy Brewery, b.p, Variation 1 (Calendar)24/31
Badaevskiy Brewery, b.p, Variation 2 (Calendar)4/31
Badaevskiy Brewery, b/pos. (Calendar)4/31
Badaevskiy Brewery, GOST3473-69 (Calendar)11/31
Badaevskiy Brewery, GOST3473-69, Steel (Calendar)4/31
Badaevskiy Brewery, Star (Calendar)5/31
KPZ (Calendar)20/31
KPZ, GOST 3473-69 (Calendar)12/31
Lenpivo-2, GOST3473-78 (Calendar)10/31
Lenpivo-2, GOST3478-78 (Calendar)3/31
Lenpivzavod Stepana Razina (Calendar)8/31
MEPZ, GOST 3473-78, 30k. - o* (Calendar)4/31
MOEPZ, GOST 3473-69 (Calendar)8/31
Moskvoretskiy Brewery, "E" (Calendar)18/31
Moskvoretskiy Brewery, "e" (Calendar)3/31
Moskvoretskiy Brewery, 2 stars (Calendar)5/31
Moskvoretskiy Brewery, big 25 (Calendar)12/31
Moskvoretskiy Brewery, Narrow font (Calendar)12/31
Moskvoretskiy Brewery, Star (Calendar)7/31
Mospivzavod (Calendar)24/31
Mospivzavod, k.b/p (Calendar)4/31
Mospivzavod, Narrow font (Calendar)4/31
Mospivzavod, Star1 (Calendar)2/31
Mospivzavod, Star2 (Calendar)4/31
Mospivzavod, Zhigulevskoye inside (Calendar)3/31
MPZ, GOST 3473-69 (Calendar)24/31
MPZ, GOST 3473-69, Stars (Calendar)5/31
OPZ, GOST 3473-69 (Calendar)27/31
Ostankinsky Brewery - k.b.p. - "E" (Calendar)25/31
Ostankinsky Brewery - k.b.p. - "e" (Calendar)3/31
Ostankinsky Brewery - k.b/p. (Calendar)2/31
Ostankinsky Brewery - k.b/pos. (Calendar)4/31
Ostankinsky Brewery - Star (Calendar)6/31
Ostankinsky Brewery, 30k - ** (Calendar)15/31
Ostankinsky Brewery, 30k - o* (Calendar)13/31
Ostankinsky Brewery, 30k - oo (Calendar)7/31
OZFV, Big circle (Calendar)4/31
OZFV, Small circle (Calendar)7/31
Pskov Brewery, 1960-th (Calendar)28/31
Pskov Brewery, GOST3473-69 (Calendar)15/31
Red Bavaria, 1960-th (Calendar)28/31
Red Bavaria, GOST3473-69 (Calendar)28/31
Red Bavaria, Variation 1 (Calendar)7/31
Red Bavaria, Variation 2 (Calendar)4/31
Slavianskoe (Calendar)8/31
St. Razin, GOST3473-69 (Calendar)28/31
St. Razin, LPZ 1 (Calendar)31/31
St. Razin, LPZ 2, 19k. (Calendar)2/31
St. Razin, LPZ 2, 25k. (Calendar)27/31
V. Luki, GOST3473-69 (Calendar)3/31
V. Ustyug (Calendar)22/31
Vena, 1960-th (Calendar)29/31
Vena, 30k.b/pos. (Calendar)5/31
Vena, GOST3473-69 (Calendar)21/31
Volga Brevery, GOST 3473-69 (Calendar)6/31
Volga Brewery - star (Calendar)5/31
Zhigulevsky k-t, aluminum (Calendar)21/31