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Adrian Bello email
Mexico Hgo del Parral
Alex Tichman email
Republic Of Moldova Chisinau
Accused by Jacob Hansen. He wrote: I mailed him a big package with many beer labels in the beginning of January but I have gotten nothing in exchange... so far. I have written him many emails asking and many times he has not answered. When a seldom time he has answered an email he says he is so busy and that I have to wait for my package.
Alexandar Benko
Croatia Kriz
Beer label collector. Accused by Andrey Volobuyev.
Alexander Hlystov
Russia Barnaul
Accused by Opalev Sergey.
Alexander Ivanov email
Russia Angarsk
Caps collector. Accused by Art Zhitnik. He didn't send any caps instead of my parcel. After my warning to insert him to the black list he didn't replay to my e-mail and ICQ messages.
Alexander Novozhilov email
Alexander Novozhilov
Russia Velikiy Novgorod
Beer caps collector. Accused by Kuznetsov Sergei. Sergei have sent him parcel with caps, but nothing got back. Also Alexandr doesn't answer to emails and ICQ messages.
Andre Silva email
Brazil Brasilia
Andrey Mazurok email
Andrey Mazurok
Ukraine Lvov
Accused by Sergey Kuznetsov. Sergey writes: He says that tryed to send me caps two times, but I nothing got. He sayed lost receipts. Doesn't reply on my emails. P.S. Sergei have got the caps after half year. Be careful with this collection!
Arne Sramek email
Arne Sramek
Czech Republic Ostrava
CC.I # 799. Accused by Vitaly Savchuk.
Artur Lorenc email
Poland Warsaw
CC.I # 2553. Accusd by Andrey Morozov.
Augusto Herkenhoff email
Carlos Quintella email
Collect phone cards.
Dave Salonen
Canada Sault Ste Marie
David Sinder email
Eddy Cotton email
Belgium Isieres
Accused by Andrei Morozov. He has sent 2170 instead of 3000 caps. He also listed in the black list here:
Elena Polyakova
Russia Volgograd
Accused by many collectors. Don't ever try to trade with this "collector"!
Evgeniy Bogushev email
Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Other email: Accused by Opalev Sergey.
Ferry Pribik email
Ferry Pribik
Czech Republic Kadan
Beer caps collector. He is accused by Sergei Kuznetsov. He doesn't answer to e-mails and Davide's forum personal messages. I know, he is an owner of the big collection, but such kind of behavior is unacceptable! Unfortunately. I have to post his name on the black list.
Francisco Sengo
Portugal Almada
Guillaume Ruhaut email
France Mouvaux
Accused by Andrei Morozov.
Hafez Barham email
Ho Wang email
Taiwan Taichung
Aliasses: Wilson, Yu Wing.
Ignacio Racca email
Collector of coasters/mats.
Itai Sevitt email
Jaime Martinez Rubio email
Spain Madrid
Jan Shalin
Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Accused by Opalev Sergey.
Jeff Howell email
USA Jefferson City
Jennifer Mc Culloch email
Jordi Esteve email
The crowncaps collector. Spain. Accused by Natalya Zudilova. They traded 30x30. She have sent a parcel and nothing got back.
Jose Mora email
Costa Rica San Jose
Used P.O.Box 7138. Other email:,
Julian Caballero email
He collect's beer labels.
Karoly Focze email
Hungary Budaors
She is a phonecard and caps collector. 58 year old. Accused by Morozov Andey (
Ludomir Malis email
Slovakia Levice
He may delay parcel 8 monthes.
Mandrila Laurentiu email
Collector from Romania. Accused by Roberto Alscher. Roberto wrote: "I have sent on Laurentiu,Mandrila from Romania (Bucarest) a letter on 24.11.2007. After few mounth i got nothing. The collector told me he donґt have enough caps for sending crown caps. But why told me this after 3 mounths?? Now he want send but after 3 weeks nothing!! ... No answer more from this bad collector!!!! He is a scammer!"
Manuel Amaral email
Martijn Burgman email
Netherlands. Accused by Darius Giedraitis.
Matthias Fiedler email
Germany Mellenbach
Also use name F.Christoph. He works on caps factory.
Mercedes Figueredo email
Spain Barcelona
Accused by Pascal Stark.
Michael Shipiniuk email
Republic Of Moldova Kishinev
Mihail Sautkin email
Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Other email:,,
Mikhail Goryalmev email
Mindaugas Maminskas email
Mindaugas Maminskas
Lithuania Panevezys
Accused by Kirill Belikov and Yury Ponomaryov. Also accused by Vegard Johannessen: November 2005 I agreed with caps-collector Mindaugas Maminskas to swap 46 caps. I sent mine but never got any from him and he has since not answered my e-mails. Something might have happened to him, but anyway this might be information of interest to other collectors.
Nick Beauchamp
United Kingdom Girvan
Paulo Ricardo email
Crown caps collector from Portugal. Accused by: Ambrus Roland и Tino Nadler. Tino wrote: "I sent him 150 caps and I don't become a answer and his caps. CHEAT!!!! Some other collectors have also problems with this man!"
Phil Black email
Australia Port Wakefield
Also use name: Trevor Moore. Also use emails:, Old adress: 6 Mattner Square 6054 Lockridge, West Australia
Ralph Weiman email
Canada King City
Reinaldo Lucio email
Reinaldo Lucio
Brazil Salvador
Cigarette packs collector. Accused by Salomatov Alexandr.
Rodrigo Bueno email
Brazil V.Madalena
Roger Metcalf email
USA Arlington
Alse use:,,,,
Roger Montalbo email
Philippines Bacolod
Birth: 1963. Collection type: worldwide crown caps. Collection size at 09/2002: 1045 caps from 20 countries. Most represented country: Netherlands with 100 crown caps. Collecting since January 2002. Accused by Vyacheslav Mosyakin: "I havn't got caps. He doesn't answer on my letters".