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Carlton & United Breweries Ltd.,
Австралия #6783
нет, нет
Россия #11678
Kalnapilis-Tauro alus, Casino
Литва #16972
Squirt & Company, Squirt
США #10607
Москворецкий пивоваренный завод, ОАО, Славянское
СССР #15622


Hello, dear friends!

Welcom to the web-site of my collection! I'm collecting crown caps since school days (1995). Gradually, children's hobby turned into a serious work, which allows me acquainted with many colleagues from Russia and from all over the world.

Any hobby, if you take it seriously, may be opened on unexpected side. For example, crown cap. What could be easier to think of people distant from collecting. And in fact, it has a rich history, originating at the end of XIX century in the United States. Over the entire history of the millions of species have been released, many of which are real rarities, costing a lot of money.

Moreover, this passion has made me better. Lead me to study English, to practice in web design and work with databases. I hope this resource will be interesting to collectors. And I, for my part, will try to fill it interesting information.

Random caps
Namibia Breweries Ltd., Windhoek
Намибия #4517
Redhook Ale Brewery,
США #10759
Stuttgarter Hofbrau, Пилсенер
Германия #18048
Landsberg, Brauerei, GmbH,
Германия #9006
Canada Dry Bottling Co., Vanilla Cream Soda
США #16765
Total number of caps: 21240