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Evgeniy Kozlov email
Evgeniy Kozlov
Russia Kaliningrad
Beer caps collector.
Vladimir Smory email
Beer caps collector from Russia.
Leonid Kandinsky email
Leonid Kandinsky
Russia Moscow
Beer caps collector.
Ivan Lavrentjev email
Ivan Lavrentjev
Estonia Tallinn
Hi! I am beermats (coasters) collector. This is my collection homepage. You can see there my collection, exchange mats and some interesting information.
Maxim Nesterenko email
Maxim Nesterenko
Russia Vladivostok
Crown caps collector.
Justin Wallace email
Caps collector from USA.
Mihail Nikolaev email
Belarus Minsk
Beer labels collector.
Konstantin Medvedev email
Konstantin Medvedev
Russia Izhevsk
He collects caps.
Ilya Nikitin email
Collection size at 1.04.2006: 1250 caps 39 countries. Russia.
Marc De Kooning email
The crowncap collector from Belgium.
Roland Ambrus email
Hungary Erd
Owner of the biggest crown caps collection in Hungary!
Kees Booij email
Netherlands Wageningen
Birth: 1952. Collection type: worldwide crown caps, no inside images, no factory signs. Collection size at 2008: 70000 caps. Most represented country: Germany with 6000 crown caps. Favourite caps: many, but he likes caps from Scandinavia, Canada, Belgium, Schweppes and mineral water caps with fountains. Storing method: negative sheets in binders, sorted by country, alphabetically or by producer/brewery.
Alexandr Milinevich email
Alexandr Milinevich
Ukraine Ivano-Frankovsk
The PET caps collector of any drinks and also beer labels. Phone: +38-097-7887567
Julian Marisol email
Julian Marisol
Spain Madrid
Unused crowncaps collector. The author of the excellent web-site about beer caps! There are many information about caps, caps classification by countries and regions, scans, multilanguage support on the site.
Andrey Demin email
Andrey Demin
Russia Kazan
Crown caps collector.
Denis Komarov email
Denis Komarov
Russia Lubertsy
Crown caps collector. Collection size at 04.2008: 800 caps.
Michael Demuth email
Michael Demuth
Germany Siek
Crown caps collector.
Jan Pokrievka email
Jan Pokrievka
Various beer stuff collector from Slovakia.
Massimo, Alberto, Lorenzo ? email
Massimo, Alberto, Lorenzo ?
Crown caps collectors from Italy.
Dmitriy Kondruckiy email
Dmitriy Kondruckiy
Russia Tutaev
Crown caps collector.
Haim Bersutsky email
Israel Eilat
He collects/sells following things: stamps, phone cards, banknotes, postcards, coins, aerogramme, calendars, buttons, caps, cigarette packs, tea packs, judaic end etc.
Kirill Kuzmin email
Russia Moscow
Crown caps collector. Nice website!
Dmitry Senkevich email
Russia Moscow
Crown caps collector.
Roman Ionov email
Belarus Minsk
Crown caps collector.
Nikolai Slitkov email
Russia Moscow
Crown caps collector.
German Vasilkovsky email
German Vasilkovsky
Russia Seint-Petersburg
Nice web-site! Russian language only. There is information about his own crown cap collection and breweries there.
Alexander Kolosov email
Russia Seint-Petersburg
Beer caps collector. Owner of the beggist collecton in Russia!
Sergey Nikolaev email
Sergey Nikolaev
Russia Seint-Petersburg
The crowncaps collector. On his site there are information about countries of origin, companies and pictures. Collector size at 2007: 13205 caps from 181 countries. Collecting since 1992.
Jacky Besegher email
Jacky Besegher
France Stains
Birth: 1947. Collection type: worldwide beer caps. Collection size at 09/2003: 3500 caps. Most represented country: Germany. Collecting since 2001, also champagne tops.
Rainer Wiltz email
Austria Hargelsberg
He started his collection in 1998. Collects only beer caps. Would help with info about austrian caps. One of the best specialised beercaps site.
Jordi Rodriguez email
Spain Barcelona
Collection type: worldwide crown caps. Collection size at 03/2001: 1500 caps. Favourite caps: Old spanish crown caps.
Nataliya Zudilova email
Russia Moscow
The crowncaps collector.
Alexey Orehov email
Alexey Orehov
Russia Severouralsk
Beer caps collector of Europe, Asia and Africa. CC.I#642
Nando Bechtold email
Nando Bechtold
Netherlands Veghel
Birth: 1960. Collection type: worldwide crown caps. Collection size at 11/2003: 44090 caps from 173 countries. Most represented country: USA with 4600 crown caps. Favourite caps: caps from USA. Storing method: When he started the collection he used glue to put them on wooden plates and hang them on the wall, now he store them on wooden plates 40x40cm (approx. 15.5x15.2 inch). These are stored in cupboards holding each 36 plates, all sorted out country by country and in alphabetical order. Collecting since december 1995.
Armand Blachier email
Armand Blachier
Thailand Phuket
Birth: 1944. Collection type: worldwide crown caps. Collection size at 04/2006: 10172 caps from 147 countries. Most represented country: Thailand with 2364 caps. Favourite caps: Bacardi caps. Storing method: Trays in drawers. Collecting since April 2003.
Kimmo & Tommi Nieminen email
Kimmo & Tommi Nieminen
Finland Marynummi
Birth: 1979/1984. Collection type: worldwide crown caps. Collection size at 01/2007: 40000 caps. Most represented country: Germany with 4384 crown caps. Storing method: they have their caps stored in thin wooden "boxes". 88 caps fits on one small box and 289 on the big.
Gunther Rademacher email
Gunther Rademacher
Birth: 1954. Collection type: worldwide crown caps. Collection size at 12/2002: 6906 caps from 60 countries. Most represented country: Germany with 2024 crown caps. Favourite caps: Caps with strong colors. Storing method: Pinboards. Collecting since April 2001. The author of The Bottle Cap Index.
Javier Solero email
Javier Solero
Spain Madrid
Crowncaps collector.
Vyacheslav Mosyakin email
Vyacheslav Mosyakin
Russia Moscow
Caps collector.
Denny & Miranda Bork email
Denny & Miranda Bork
USA Reidsville
Beer caps collector.