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Europe (Caps count: 16475)Russia (Caps count: 3599)Kazakhstan (Caps count: 137)Taiwan (Caps count: 3)Cyprus (Caps count: 5)Sri Lanka (Caps count: 6)Oceania (Caps count: 300)Indonesia (Caps count: 29)Philippines (Caps count: 11)South Korea (Caps count: 39)North Korea (Caps count: 4)Mongolia (Caps count: 6)Japan (Caps count: 83)Kyrgyzstan (Caps count: 14)Uzbekistan (Caps count: 30)Turkmenistan (Caps count: 3)Tajikistan (Caps count: 2)Yemen (Caps count: 1)Africa (Caps count: 302)Pakistan (Caps count: 19)India (Caps count: 20)Iran (Caps count: 13)Bangladesh (Caps count: 1)Nepal (Caps count: 16)Myanmar (Caps count: 11)Thailand (Caps count: 76)Lao (Caps count: 7)Cambodja (Caps count: 3)Malaysia (Caps count: 5)Vietnam (Caps count: 14)China (Caps count: 412)Singapore (Caps count: 12)Azerbaijan (Caps count: 16)Armenia (Caps count: 81)Turkey (Caps count: 90)Syrian Arab Republic (Caps count: 1)Lebanon (Caps count: 6)Israel (Caps count: 46)Iraq (Caps count: 17)Jordan (Caps count: 11)Kuwait (Caps count: 3)United Arab Emirates (Caps count: 2)Saudi Arabia (Caps count: 6)RussiaChinaMongoliaKazakhstanIndiaJapanSouth KoreaNorth KoreaTaiwanPhilippinesIndonesiaUzbekistanTurkmen.IranIraqTurkeySaudi ArabiaYemenSri LankaPakistanNepalMyanmarThailandLaoCamb.VietnamMalaysiaSing.BangladeshTajikistanKyrgyzstanSyrian.Unite.KuwaitCyprusLebanonIsraelJord.ArmeniaAzerbaijan010100100010000and moreEuropeAfricaOceaniaSingapore (Caps count: 12)Lebanon (Caps count: 6)Cyprus (Caps count: 5)

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