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Sergey Speransky email
Sergey Speransky
Russia Perm
Crown and PET caps collector.
Anatoly Levanets email
Anatoly Levanets
South Africa Potchefstroom
Beer labels collector.
Ivan Lavrentjev email
Ivan Lavrentjev
Estonia Tallinn
Hi! I am beermats (coasters) collector. This is my collection homepage. You can see there my collection, exchange mats and some interesting information.
Roman Slaykovsky email
Ukraine Zaporoje
Crown caps collector. Collection size at 01.10.2006: 570 caps.
Alexander Nikolaev email
Alexander Nikolaev
Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Russian and exUSSR countries beer caps collector.
Leonid Kandinsky email
Leonid Kandinsky
Russia Moscow
Beer caps collector.
Vyacheslav Mosyakin email
Vyacheslav Mosyakin
Russia Moscow
Caps collector.
Uriy Shingalts email
Uriy Shingalts
Russia Kaliningrad
Crowncaps collector.
Prachuab Boonsriram email
Prachuab Boonsriram
Thailand Buriram
He collects caps but only thai and asian region caps. He is also sell caps.
Javier Solero email
Javier Solero
Spain Madrid
Crowncaps collector.
Alexandr Yefimov email
Alexandr Yefimov
Russia Saratov
Bottle caps collector. Collection size at 10/2007: more then 10000.
Pavel Slugin email
Pavel Slugin
Russia Blagoveschensk
He is collecting kronen caps, but prefer caps, which hasn't any text... He would be glad, if you help him find 4 lacking caps from Skoda Cars (1995) series (Czech Republic)... He is collecting pocket-calendar too.
Olavi Oja email
Olavi Oja
Estonia Parnu
Birth: 1968. Collection type: worldwide undamaged beercaps, prefer used. Collection size at 10/2007: 10071 caps from 144 countries. Most represented country: Estonia, Germany, Russia, Holland. Favourite caps: microbreweries and rare beercaps. Part of collection he stores on a giant (1m diameter) metal cap (on the wall) with small magnets. Collecting since 1998.
Gunther Rademacher email
Gunther Rademacher
Birth: 1954. Collection type: worldwide crown caps. Collection size at 12/2002: 6906 caps from 60 countries. Most represented country: Germany with 2024 crown caps. Favourite caps: Caps with strong colors. Storing method: Pinboards. Collecting since April 2001. The author of The Bottle Cap Index.
Roman Lukasevich email
Ukraine Yavorov
Crown caps collector.
Sergey Nikolaev email
Sergey Nikolaev
Russia Seint-Petersburg
The crowncaps collector. On his site there are information about countries of origin, companies and pictures. Collector size at 2007: 13205 caps from 181 countries. Collecting since 1992.
Mika Pynnonen email
Finland Mikkeli
Collect only unused beer caps.
Andrew Zub email
Andrew Zub
Belarus Minsk
The beerdeckels collector.
Sergey Prisyagin email
Sergey Prisyagin
Russia Penza
Caps collector.
Erick Binzar Manurung email
Erick Binzar Manurung
Indonesia Ngaliyan-Semarang
The collector of different things, he can get Indonesian caps for trade.
Jerzy Matyjasik email
Jerzy Matyjasik
Poland Lublin
Crown caps collector.
Leon Stolk email
Netherlands Leeuwarden
The used and unused crowncaps collector. The collection size at 06.06.2006: 1500 caps from 50 countries.
Javier Lopez email
Crowncaps collector. Spain.
Sergey Pavlov email
Sergey Pavlov
Russia Druzhnaya Gorka
Beer caps collector. Start in 2003.
Enrico Torriano email
Italy Bolonya
Crowcaps collector.
Frank Schmidt email
Germany Bochum
Uploads his data to the BCI. Start collecting at October 2003. Collects worldwide crown caps mainly of beer, but also mineral water and other. Look for caps of good quality and don't collect bad quality. Collection size at 16.10.2007: 4469 crown caps from 1494 companies and from 113 countries.
Alexandr Milinevich email
Alexandr Milinevich
Ukraine Ivano-Frankovsk
The PET caps collector of any drinks and also beer labels. Phone: +38-097-7887567
Ramunas Ezerskis email
Ramunas Ezerskis
Lithuania Telsiai
Beer caps collector.
Ludek Zabloudil email
Czech Republic Pelhrimov
He collects crown caps from Czech Rep., Slovakia, exUSSR countries, and also world wide Coca-Cola.
Evgeniy Lubyannikov email
Evgeniy Lubyannikov
Russia Seint-Petersburg
Crowncaps collector. Collection size at 19.06.2009: 5000 caps.
Christos Dimitrakopoulos email
Greece Papagou
Crowncaps collector.
Dmitriy Brik email
Dmitriy Brik
Russia Chelyabinsk
Crown caps collector.
Alexey Orehov email
Alexey Orehov
Russia Severouralsk
Beer caps collector of Europe, Asia and Africa. CC.I#642
Максим Иванов email
Максим Иванов
Russia Vladivostok
Crown caps collector 1993-2009
Pierre Blanc email
Pierre Blanc
France Colomiers
Crown caps collector.
Donn Neal email
Donn Neal
USA Pittsburgh
Crown caps collector. He is a one of CANACO volunteers. Great respect him for help with English translation!
Albert Galobart email
Albert Galobart
Spain Premia de Mar
Crown caps collector. He has translated Caps Navigator to Catalan language!
Sebastian Lukas email
Sebastian Lukas
Germany Essen
Crown caps collector.
Alexei Dehterev
Alexei Dehterev
Russia Kirov
He sells old soviet caps of KPZ brewery.
Dmitry Mironov email
Dmitry Mironov
Russia Kuschevskaya
Crown caps collector. He is an organizator of Caps Collector Series 2013 (Russia & Ukraine).
Maxim Shulakov email
Maxim Shulakov
Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Coin collector.
Alexei Shpiyakin email
Alexei Shpiyakin
Russia Noginsk
he is a big fan of Soviet caps, has big collection of them. One of the editors of the crown caps of the USSR catalog.
Alexandr Chebotaryov email
Alexandr Chebotaryov
Russia Mirny
Crown caps collector.