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Iceland (Caps count: 5)Africa (Caps count: 302)Spain (Caps count: 872)Norway (Caps count: 58)Sweden (Caps count: 160)Asia (Caps count: 1262)Ireland (Caps count: 37)United Kingdom (Caps count: 228)Portugal (Caps count: 93)France (Caps count: 311)Italy (Caps count: 859)Switzerland (Caps count: 144)Liechtenstein (Caps count: 2)Denmark (Caps count: 225)Gibraltar (No caps)Belgium (Caps count: 433)Finland (Caps count: 137)Luxembourg (Caps count: 8)Netherlands (Caps count: 372)Germany (Caps count: 3011)Austria (Caps count: 610)Slovenia (Caps count: 38)Czech Republic (Caps count: 790)Poland (Caps count: 1253)Lithuania (Caps count: 424)Slovakia (Caps count: 138)Latvia (Caps count: 118)Estonia (Caps count: 130)Belarus (Caps count: 149)Ukraine (Caps count: 706)Republic Of Moldova (Caps count: 24)Hungary (Caps count: 55)Croatia (Caps count: 23)Romania (Caps count: 56)Serbia (Caps count: 19)Bosnia and Herzegovina (Caps count: 11)Montenegro (Caps count: 9)Bulgaria (Caps count: 115)Macedonia (Caps count: 3)Albania (Caps count: 4)Greece (Caps count: 79)Turkey (Caps count: 88)Russia (Caps count: 3561)Andorra (No caps)RussiaUkraineBelarusPolandGermanyFinlandSwedenNorwayIcelandUnited KingdomIrelandSpainFranceItalyTurkeyCzech RepublicSlovakiaRomaniaGreeceBulgariaSerbiaAustriaLiechtenstein (Caps count: 2)SwitzerlandAndorraDenmarkGibraltarBelgiumNetherlandsRepublic O.CroatiaHungaryAlbaniaSloveniaLatviaEstoniaLithuaniaPortugalLuxembourgMaced.MontenegroBosnia.Liechtenstein010100100010000and moreAfricaAsiaGibraltar (No caps)Andorra (No caps)

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